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The Chéries dolls are vinyl, with sleeping eyes and rooted hair. They are manufactured by Corolle since 2001. They are 13" tall and feature Corolle's trademark vanilla fragance. They were designed to look like an eight year old girl and have them all names beginning with C. Here are those I own in my collection:

At the very first issue of Les Chéries, they were two dolls: Camille and Clara.


We are said that Camille is 8 years old, that she is blonde with blue eyes and that she has no relatives. Also she is an intelligent little girl. Here is what she says herself about her: "My ideas and my sense of resourcefulness enable me to get out of difficult situations". Camille has a playmate: his dog Caramel.

On this picture, Camille wearing "Ensemble jardinage", an outfit from the collection 2001.


Clara is Camille's best friend. She is also 8 years old, she is a red head girl with brown eyes. Clara has three brothers, two of them older and one baby named Jules. About herself she says: "I am spontaneous and love sport. I often act quickly without thinking about what I am doing."

Here "Clara in the hood", collection 2001 and 2002.

Clara hangs out her clothes ("Nuisette" set from 2001).

Then, the following year, in 2002, Camille and Clara get more outfits and even accesories. Here, Clara and her scooter from collection 2002.

Also, Camille's little dog Caramel and Clara's little brother Jules became available. Here : Jules from 2002 collection.

During the holidays, in 2003, Camille and Clara met two new girls: Candice and Chloé. Chloé loves fashion and shopping (look in the 2004 collection for a picture).


Candice is raven with asian face, she loves dancing and music. There will be another Candice in 2004, but she will not appear anymore after that date. Here is a picture of her, from the collection 2003, wearing her original outfit.

Candice wearing "Music set" from 2003.


Here is a picture of Camille, from the set "Camille party boxed", collection 2003, wearing her original outfit. It was a limited edition.

Another picture of Camille from this set.

Here Camille wearing "Pink pant set" from collection 2003.


Caramel, Camille's little pet from 2003.


Clara wearing "Coiffure set" from Collection 2003.


Chloé from Collection 2004, modeling her original outfit.

Chloe modeling "Ensemble Doudoune" from collection 2004.


In 2004 there is a new Camille with longer hair to be combed, she is "Camille à coiffer".

Camille à coiffer, close up.


Clara dancing. She is wearing an outftif from the "Boom Box set" collection 2004.

In 2004, Camille and Clara have a new friend: Charles (picture in 2005). The dolls get new accessories like poufs and a studio couch.

Camille on her pouf.

Candice seated on the studio couch.

In 2005, there is a new girl, Cathy. She is raven with black eyes.


On this picture Cathy, 2005 issue, wearing her original outfit.

Cathy, close up.

Cathy, modeling "Fur coat set" from collection 2004-2005.


Charles as issued in 2005. He will not appear again after that date. He is wearing his original outfit.


Camille (2005 issue) modeling her original outfit.

Camille, close up.

Another Camille from 2005, with a different blonde hair. She is wearing her original outfit.

On this picture, Camille modeling "Ensemble mode pantalon" from collection 2005.


Clara, singing in the rain with the outfit "Rain" from collection 2005.


In 2006 there is a new Camille with pink stripes on her hair. On this picture, she is modeling "Skirt set" from collection 2006.

Camille, close up .

Camille wearing "Ensemble pantalon fleuri" from collection 2006.


Chloé ballerina, collection 2007

Chloé and Coquette (a 7" Corolle doll from collection 2005).



Camille with pink stripes on her hair wearing her original outfit from collection 2007.

Here Camille wearing "Green Baggy set" from collection 2007.


On this picture, Cathy modeling "Pleated skirt set" from collection 2007.

In 2008, Cécile, a black girl with black eyes makes her debut.


Here she is modeling her original outfit.

Cécile showing her dress.


Clara, 2008 issue, modeling her original outfit.


Camille, 2008 issue, modeling her original outfit.

There is no new friend in 2009 but once again a lot of new outfits.

Here Clara modeling "Ensemble jolie robe", collection 2009.

In 2010, the dolls have a new friend : Capucine. She is raven with asian face and black eyes. Capucine has no sleeping eyes.


On this picture, Capucine (2010 issue) wearing her original outfit.


Clara, 2010 issue, with her original outfit.


Chloé, 2010 issue, modeling her original outfit.


Cathy modeling "Rainy day set" (2010 collection).


"Horse Rider set" (2010 collection). Camille is modeling this outfit.

A lot of fun.

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