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What I have made using my own designs for Les Chéries (Corolle dolls)

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You will find here pictures of what I have created for Les Chéries (Corolle dolls) and what I have received from others participating in swaps.

Swap organized by the Blog Chouette Poupette, september 2011

The theme of this swap was : Fairy tales.

Martine sent me this beautiful costume of Scheherazade:

and also the book of this tale:

as well as this nice present made also by her. Thank you so much Martine !

I choose for this swap a traditionnal Spanish tale called : "La ratita presumida", that is the conceited little mouse. Here is the story :

Once upon a time, a little mouse found some money while she was sweeping. She was very conceited, so she decided to buy a nice ribbon to put on her tail.

Then she put her best dress and began sweeping in front of her house so that everybody could admire her.

A lot of animals stop by her telling her she is very pretty and asking her to marry them. But she always replies the same thing : "What are you going to do during the night ?" and each animal replies with an onomatopoeia, the rooster says "Cook-a-doodle-doo", the dog says "Woof woof !" etc. The answer of the little mouse is always the same : "Oh no, I cannot marry you because you wouldn't let me sleep!"
Her neighbor, a little rat who was in love with her, also wanted to tell her how pretty she was but she didn't want to hear him saying she had a lot of work to do.

Then a cat came and said she was really pretty and he wanted to marry her. Once again she asked : "What are you going to do during the night ?"
- "Meow, meow !!!" said the cat. - "Oh yes !" said the little mouse "I want to marry you".
To celebrate their engagement, the cat proposed to the little mouse to go for a picnic. They came to a beautiful clearing in the woods where they settled.
The little mouse was very surprised when she looked inside the picnic basket:
- " Oh there is only a plate and a fork and a spoon !".

- "This is because the food is you !" said the cat.
Fortunately, the little rat who was very wary of the cat, had followed them. He caught fire at the tail of the cat who run away.
The little rat told the mouse how much he wanted to marry her.
- "What are you going to do during the night ?" asked the little mouse as always ?"

- "Sleep and keep quiet" said the little rat. - "Oh yes I want to marry you !".
They got married and were very happy during all their life.

I have sent the costume of the mouse in the second picture and her bride's dress as well as presents for the little girl.

Swap organized by Chouette Poupette, april 2011

I received from Meleabrys this nice dress.

Here is a detail of the shoes.

And also this dress.

And a third dress to go to the Venice Carnival.

It was all wrapped in those beautiful boxes.

And here is what I have sent for this swap. My swap partner wanted a Charleston dress.

Here is the second dress I made for her, all knitted with a knitted bear too.

I also sent buttons I made with Fimo, wooden eggs to be painted, shoes I made for her dolls and a pin cushion with an old sewing machine shape, as well as a cup of tea for the doll.

Shoes : Fall winter collection

A friend show how to make shoes with felt and I made a whole collection of shoes for the Chéries and also some bags.

"At the beach"

Here is Camille enjoying the sun at the beach.

I made the sun glasses with Fimo.


Cécile went for a stroll looking for tortoises. She is arriving to the pond.

But she couldn't see anything, except her pretty portrait.

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