Inma's Doll Collection

Les Chéries around the world

The Chéries in Germany.

Clara was in Germany where she had a lot of fun as you can see.

She found a lot a things very interesting.

And also beautiful places.

How nice !

There was also a lot of fruits.

And even very curious animals.

In Munich she had to touch the nose of a famous lion and ask a wish.

She spent a lot of time admiring nature...

... and hearing music.

Want to know her secret wish ? : to be always in holidays !

Camille and Charles dressed with a Bavarian folk costume.

The Chéries in Japan.

I have participated in a SAL to sew a kimono for the Chéries. Candice is modeling it.

The Chéries in Lapland.

This is a costume I made for a swap organised by the French Forum "Chouettepoupette" about Les Chéries.

Camille and Charles in Lapland.

The Chéries in Peru.

This is the costume I received for this swap from Cacoud. THANK YOU CACOUD !

I made a costume for Charles so he could go to Peru with Cathy.

The Chéries in Greenland.

Candice and Charles dressed as Eskimos.

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