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Delilah Noir

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Delilah Noir "Red Velvet" (LE497) wearing her original outfit.

Delilah Noir is a 16" vinyl BJD produced by Aston-Drake Galleries.

Red Velvet

According to Ashton-Drake, Delilah Noir "is a fascinating young woman who embraces the different and seemingly contradictory components of her personality. Unable to sum up in a single look, persona, or adventure, Delilah represents the multiplicity of characters in all of us. By day, she is many things: outstanding student, generous friend, model of society. But by night, she is whoever she wants to be: unfiltered, unfettered, and outrageous."

Close up.

Red Velvet wearing a kimono I made for her.

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Delilah Noir is a registered trade mark, visit their site here: